Prime Beef Brothers provides a more efficient way for you to purchase frozen foods for your family. We distribute only USDA inspected beef that has been aged 21 days to perfection, providing you with delicious restaurant-quality steaks. We use the following process:

STEP 1: 
We hand-trim our steaks of excess bone and fat so you pay only for what you eat

After trimming, our steaks are then individually vacuum sealed for your convenience and safety. This allows you to open portions as you need them, thereby eliminating the hassles and dangers of rewrapping and refreezing.

STEP 3: 
Next, we flash-freeze our steaks at the height of their freshness. This unique process, freezes our products in only seconds, locking in the steak's natural flavor and juices, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Finally, our gourmet products are delivered to your home or office, saving you the inconvenience of lengthy trips to the supermarkets. We are your mobile grocer.

This is a home solicitation sale, and if you do not want the goods or service, you may cancel this agreement by providing written notice to the seller in person, by telegram, by Email, and returning the entire product in the same condition it was received. This notice must indicate that you do not want the goods or service and must be delivered or postmarked before midnight of third business day after you receive the goods or service. If you cancel this agreement, the seller may not keep all or part of any cash down payment if the product is returning unused and as in the same condition as received


For the best results, cook directly from frozen. Do not thaw. We flash freeze all our steaks to lock in freshness and flavor. By cooking directly from your freezer, your gourmet steaks will keep every bit of mouth-watering flavor locked in at the time of cutting.

Prime Beef Brothers steaks taste best when prepared on a gas or charcoal barbecue. Cook at a slightly lower temperature. Turn steaks frequently to seal in all the delicious flavor and juices. Cook to the desired temperature.


in your freezer for one year.